Unique Cabinetry: Revamp Your Kitchen 2018

Your kitchen cabinetry is where the eye falls first, no matter where you have your kitchen in your home or the style you choose. Unique cabinetry increases this impact as it declares your personal tastes and values. This article discusses prevailing kitchen styles in California, their impact on your choice of cabinets and what trends hottest for 2018.

California’s Most Enduring Kitchen Styles and Unique Cabinetry

It generally pays to stick with a prevailing kitchen style type, just in case you decide to sell your home to the general market. This need not limit your choice of eye-catching, unique cabinetry, provided you choose an enduring kitchen style that maps to your personality. And there are some delightful exceptions too …

Grandma’s Country Farmhouse

A biggie best style kitchen benefits from unique cabinetry reminding one of cupboards grandma maybe handed down the generations to come. Reinforce the effect of strong victorian-style primary colors offset by faded, aged creamy-yellow tones for everlasting impact.

Countryside Cottage Charm

Use unique cabinetry with glazed doors and open shelves in upper units to recreate an easy-going era when kitchens doubled as places where families gathered and relaxed. Continue with the theme by displaying collectible bric-a-brac on the worktops, an apron sink, and a retro style refrigerator in the corner.

Unique cabinetry

Olde Worldly Retro

Echo days gone past, when kitchen cabinets possessed a quality that outlasted their owners. Go for solid wooden doors in mahogany with oodles of detail, and faux-granite worktops with bullnoses easy on the elbows and hands. Create space for a dine-in table with matching high back chairs.

Boho Bohemian Disruptive

If olde world, cottagey and biggie best are too out there for you, then go on a bohemian adventure where you are the rebel again. There are no rules here, and nobody looking over your shoulder. Mix and match your choice of unique cabinetry any which way you want. It’s your world.

Oh Là Là Mediterranean Style

Surprise, even shock your friends with your knowledge of wines and cooking. Set your kitchen out like a small Provence hotel, where a generous old-style cooking range, a large work table, and wine storage in the corner set the pace. Use matching pine-effect countertops and cabinets. This time, the colors are on the walls, and they are bold.

Cosy Country Farmhouse

Country farmhouse kitchens have their own style of unique cabinetry that says ‘come on in and relax’. Furniture-style storage lines the walls and there is a generous wash-up and stove by the windows. For the rest, the furniture is freestanding, including a four-seater round table with chairs that don’t quite match.

That’s All We Have Time for Now

Gosh, we ran out of time, we will have to write about contemporary, modern, sleek, and unique kitchens in another post. That’s not a bad, because we have lots to tell about their particular types of unique cabinetry. When all is said and done close your screen. Then head to the unique cabinetry store where you’ll get oodles more advice.

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