The Latest Trends in Kitchen Design – Part 2

Glimpse at American Kitchen Trends Since 1920

The last couple of articles for this blog reveal the impact kitchen trends 2018 are likely to make in remodeling terms. Our kitchens of tomorrow will no doubt excite the whole family, as everyone gets involved in planning and agreeing what’s hot and what’s not with kitchen trends in 2018.

The author of this piece invites you to step aboard our virtual time capsule as we travel back and visit the kitchens of the past. Some themes of the old are truly inspiring and may even influence our thinking in a retro sense. Climb aboard and enjoy the ride!

Kitchen Cabinets of a Different Kind

Before we set off, did you know that the term ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ was the code name given to political opponents of President Andrew Jackson? This came about from the purging of the cabinet after a break in communications with Vice President John Calhoun in 1831. It seems political shenanigans of today are not that unusual after all – click here to read more about kitchen cabinets!

Kitchen Trends 1920s – 1950s (Part 1 of 2)

When we look at photographs of kitchens from yesteryear, they may seem outdated by today’s standards, but many ideas from the past continue to influence kitchen trends in 2018:

Kitchens of the 1920s – Each decade brings its own kitchen-style revolution, and the 1920s were no different to our grandparent’s generation who were sanitation-minded for sure. Note the solid sink name and know that branding was as important back then as it is today. Kitchen cabinets were self-contained and fully functional too – witness the stylish Hoosier cabinet. What would you be prepared to pay for one of these in your remodeled kitchen?

americas kitchen

Hoosier Cabinet

Kitchens of the 1930s – The arrival of clean electricity in our homes during the 1930s saw a massive upswing in sales of appliances to assist the busy cook in the kitchen. Although this was the immediate post-depression era, newfangled gadgets in the kitchen gave homemakers of the day hope of a better future.

Prior to the appearance of the first refrigerators, iceboxes helped to keep perishable food for much longer. Most kitchens had these produce-saving devices in the 1930s. This changed shopping for provisions from the daily chore that it was to occasional visits to the local grocery store to replenish food stocks. Very soon, iceboxes evolved into the sophisticated refrigerator that we take for granted today.

B & W 30s kitchen

Pouring milk

Kitchens of the 1940s – Wartime kitchens saw many domestic sacrifices in our kitchens back in those dark days. Cargo ships joined convoys to bring imported foods from Europe, but these quickly became sitting ducks for U-boat patrols. For the men, women, and children left at home during World War II, life changed dramatically. Food scarcity saw a tremendous uptake of kitchen gardens, which quickly helped supplement fresh produce supplies.

Wartime picture

Kitchens of the 1950s – After the turbulent war years, kitchen modelling took on a whole new look. This saw a move away from kitchens-at-the-back-of-the-home to a statement-making front or center position in the house. Decor moved toward bold colors and floral-pattern wallpaper, as our kitchens suddenly got lively in the ’50s, with more color and unique design motifs. This was the equivalent of moving on from the industrial revolution in kitchen design methodology.

 “U” design


We hope you have enjoyed reading this article covering kitchens of the past. Remember to consult your preferred kitchen design team before finalizing your kitchen cabinets color scheme.

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