The Latest Trends in Kitchen Design – Part 1

Kitchens are potentially the most valuable room in your home, often being the deal maker – or breaker – when it comes to buying and selling.  It is more than the place where good food is offered, it is the very heart of the home, a space to socialize with family and friends. Not surprising then, that this is the first room in most homes to receive a facelift or makeover. If this is what you plan to do, this article will interest you as it considers the latest trends in kitchen design. Please stay with us and enjoy the read.

Natural Stone is Cool – Laminate is so Yesteryear

Kitchen Worktops – We begin with the latest trends in kitchen design in terms of furnishings and textures. There is a definite trend away from laminate to quartz in kitchen and bathroom makeovers. It seems that it will pick up momentum as we head into the last quarter of 2017 in readiness to welcome in 2018.

Once upon a time, quartz was a luxury worktop finish, the preserve of the wealthy among us. The development of composite surfaces opens our kitchens and bathrooms to use of natural looking stone. Moreover, it introduces a grand theme at affordable prices thanks to advances in technology.

Industrial Design – A new-look style that has taken off in recent times, as it provides that clean, crisp and efficient look in latest trends in kitchen design. It started out in Scandinavian kitchens, but the secret is out in many countries already. Minimalist furniture, exposed brick and piping, and rustic finishing convey a factory space theme and create a stunning impact.

This style brings together the natural beauty of stone, concrete, and wood, using creative engineering techniques. It has a redefining effect that brings form and function to our kitchen makeover.

Can You Handle It – The sleek linear look is proving ever more popular in latest trends in kitchen design. Handleless doors and kitchen units are proving the rage as the theme enhances the natural tones, and colors of the new kitchen units installed as part of the makeover.

Practical Kitchen Storage

Worktops that are Clutter-Free – Imagine that, clutter-free worktops. This may take a little getting used to if you are as sloppy about your kitchen countertops as I am. All those bad storage habits making way for stunningly arranged work surfaces will have you feeling guilty the moment something is out of place! I digress; clutter-free is a top priority in kitchen design trends so get ready to go with the flow. Think about the benefits, starting with the illusion created of a larger kitchen. Cabinetry design is quickly embracing the notion of clutter-free worktops, so watch this space.

Quality Storage Solutions – It seems that designers have locked themselves away so that they can think out of the box. The move is towards clever high-quality storage solutions that include deep drawers and tall cabinets. It is all in the name of creating the wow factor in the latest trends in kitchen design.

More Besides

There are, of course, many other exciting developments emerging from the latest trends in kitchen design. Doubtless, we will be sharing more with you in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, yours truly is returning to his unkempt kitchen to pick up where he left off – definitely not for the faint hearted!

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