The Art of Kitchen Lighting: Choosing the Right Fixtures

Kitchen lighting is as important as any other lighting for any other room in the house. Actually, it could be more important, considering that a lot of times, most of the family life happens in the kitchen. The room needs a good set of light fixtures to create the perfect ambiance for warmth and magic.

Over the Top Kitchen Lighting

Light fixtures that hang from the ceiling provide a better reach of light for your family.
Look at these super cozy and practical idea of chandelier using jars:

Quality kitchen

You want to find the perfect style of pendant for you and your family. The kitchen is a place where the whole family unites after a long day, where a lot of the times the kids do homework, where you might have a cup of coffee of tea reading the mail or the newspaper, and having the perfect lighting can create a loving atmosphere.

Quality kitchen san francisco

There are also gorgeous options to use recycled or repurposed materials, like on the picture above. Doesn’t this give you a very Fixer Upper vibe? If you’re crafty and you feel like making something from scratch, there are a lot of DIY ideas!

In Focus

For other areas of the kitchen, for example, a desk nook, the sink, or around the cabinets, there are a lot of possibilities as well. If you choose a powerful fixture for the island or the main area, you can select different smaller fixtures for those focused areas with an option to dim them as well.

For example, for a desk nook, you can use small overhead lights, a table lamp or a lamp attached to the wall.

Nice office

Put Your Touch on Your Kitchen Lighting


When you have to choose your kitchen lighting fixtures and options, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and even let your imagination run wild. You can make this a project for you and you family! You can use kitchen utensils and repurpose them: a colander for a pendant, or cheese graters for pendants.

Get inspired, gather ideas, talk to your contractor and your kitchen designer, your friends. Think of your needs and once they’re addressed, think of your whimsy wishes. The art of kitchen lighting is all about balancing form and function.

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