Styles for the Modern Farm Kitchen

A true farm kitchen is where the family gathers in the late afternoon, when the work in the fields is over for the day. It is boots at the back door as the lasses and lads arrive but most anything else goes. In olden times, they remained in the kitchen for supper and coffee because the fuel stove made it deliciously warm.


There was something rugged about the cabinetry and working tops too. Most food came from farm animals and harvests, so the kitchen also had to be the working room where the basics were prepared for cooking later. One might even ask the question, would some modern surfaces survive that treatment for long?

The Nostalgic Return to Modern Farm Kitchen Styles

There is growing interest in returning kitchens to the multi-use, sociable spaces they once were. Places where the kids could do their homework while their parents prepared the evening meal. Cooks are no longer alone in the modern kitchen either. In fact many farmhouse-style kitchens do not even have interleading doors. Let’s consider three ways to design a modern farm kitchen that you could try.


The Retro Rustic Vibe of the Past

The old people would never have called it anything like that, of course. The furniture could come down the generations, or they purchased it second hand. The black coal stove was a design that could have been around for decades. So it you like, they had an eclectic mix of different colors, finishes, and styles.

We could interpret this as a modern farm kitchen that uses traditional-design gas ranges, and retro-style fridges with art-deco finishes. Then we might add traditional-style cabinetry with windowpanes in the doors. The final touch to the eat-in kitchen is a rustic dining table and chairs. If we can, we’ll source one from a second-time-around shop.

The Solid Charm of Trad Architectural Design

The old folk had high ceilinged kitchens for two reasons. The first was they made houses that way to keep them cooler in summer as they had no aircon. This had the added advantage of creating a high-up space where the smoke from the cooking range could gather. This aspect also tended to create a grand effect.

We might interpret this in a modern farm kitchen with a high ceiling that extends into loft space, with exposed beams sloping down to outside walls. Then we could recommend installing natural wood cabinets extending high up the walls. Our final touch might be adding contrasting ultra-modern stainless steel appliances.

The Cute and Cottagey Effect that’s Always in Fashion

Smaller farm kitchens in cottages were hardly modern kitchens in the sense that we know them now. They had a cooking range against one wall, and a sink against the other. The rest of the ‘fittings’ were loose pieces of furniture. A wooden preparation table and a place to eat was often as good as it got.


If you are short on space, but big on imagination, consider a similar approach. We may recommend cabinets against the walls, and a central preparation and cooking island. Then it is up to you to find a retro dining table and ‘biggie best’ chairs with colorful upholstered seats. Plus, naturally, the curtains, wall decorations, and random bits and bobs.

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