Optimizing Your Home: 5 Tips for Maximizing Bathroom Space

It is probably fair comment to assume that, except for separate closets in a home bathrooms are the smallest rooms in a house. Considering you probably visit your bathroom regularly each day means maximizing bathroom space should be a top priority.

To make your bathroom feel bigger than it really is involved utilizing every square inch effectively, but there are ways of creating the illusion of more space. This article examines some techniques that should help create the impression that the space in your bathroom is generous. Remember, you have a multitude of tasks to perform while using your bathroom so the floor area needs to maximize bathroom space.

Maximizing Bathroom Space

Correct use of artificial and if available natural light, presents a window of opportunity that creates the visual effect, and makes the space in the bathroom seem more generous than it actually is. Clever use of cabinets and shelving also have a role to play, as does the use of carefully chosen colors. Let’s open the door a little wider, as we take a closer look at how we can maximize bathroom space in this most important of utility rooms.

Use Natural Light in Maximizing Bathroom Space

If your bathroom design allows for it and assuming your bathroom embraces an external wall, a bay window is a great idea. If the layout in the room prevents the inclusion of a bay window, perhaps a small opening window outside the shower door will work. You could also consider using a glass-block window in the shower. This permits natural light, which helps maximize bathroom space.

Artificial Light for Enhancing a Bathroom

Recessed or flush-mounted LED ceiling spotlights in sufficient numbers, can assist in maximizing small bathroom lighting space. Moreover, positioning them strategically can bring an area into focus. This could be over the bathtub or over the vanity basin. Well-placed mirrors on bathroom walls should help reflect the down lighting around the space.

Size Counts in Maximizing Bathroom Space

Opting for larger floor tiles in a small space has the effect of making the subjective area seem bigger and helps maximize bathroom space. When choosing your floor tiles, select larger tiles with bigger patterns because this helps create a subtle and pleasing visual first impression. Bigger means fewer tiles and grout lines, unlike busy-looking smaller tiles.

Space Utilization Using Cabinetry Inspiration

If your bathroom offers you the flexibility of adding vertical storage and display units, consider designing and having cabinetry built to extend up to the ceiling. Remembering that wall space above 7 feet is invariably wasted space, means beautiful cabinetry can accentuate what would otherwise be lost space. There are many types of cabinet material that you can incorporate into your bathroom space, in addition to styles and hardware. The unique cabinetry styles most often used in kitchens can also be used in bathroom styles.

Cabinetry and Open Storage

This is a powerful option in maximizing bathroom space. Under-sink storage is aesthetic and appealing to the eye, as long as items stored remain neat and tidy. Open storage is both functional and decorative at the same time. The cherry on the top could be your choice of bathroom countertops, which could complement or contrast the cabinetry storage units beneath them. A whole world of options is at your disposal, simply search online, or contact Quality Kitchen Cabinets San Francisco.

Maximizing Bathroom Space Made Easy

Research and shop around. Pick up some good ideas while you are about it. The bottom line is that you need to feel happy with the end result while maximizing bathroom space in your home!

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