Kitchen Design 101: Matching Countertops with Cabinets

Matching countertops with cabinets in kitchens has become a hot topic thanks to fresh materials, and new technologies on the market. We also have brilliant oak, mahogany, walnut, lyptus, bamboo, hickory and other exotic woods from which to choose for cabinetry. We begin with a clean canvas in our minds. Then we imagine the focal points and the falls of light. The matching countertops with cabinets below them will define the proportions and layout of the space.

Matching Countertops with Cabinets in a Blend of Kitchen Styles

We don’t think it is necessarily a good idea for countertops to dominate too strongly. The materials are expensive, and changing them can be a chore. Hence, we should first decide the overall ambience of the room. Do we want to go modern, sleek and sensual, cute and cottagey, contemporary, traditional, old world, or transitional? This core decision can have a major influence over our choice of matching countertops, with cabinets blending seamlessly below.

Choosing the Right Colors for the Matching Countertops

If we are merely changing countertops to create an upgraded effect, then our choice of color has to go with the cabinets and fixtures we are retaining. Thus, not everything that follows may turn out practical in every kitchen. Nonetheless, let’s begin the widest choice of options. If you are unsure what to do, turn to the professionals for advice.

  • Dark-Over-Dark Blends to Dominate the Room
  • Dark-Over-Light Contrasts to Add Depth and Style
  • Light-Over-Dark Effects For Worktops that Float
  • Light-Over-Light for a Clean and Simple Effect

Bring your favorite kitchen accessories and serving bowls to the showroom before finally deciding. Will these go well with your shortlisted ideas for matching countertops with cabinets? You don’t need the unexpected expense of replacing the crockery!

Factoring in Your Ambient and Artificial Lighting

It’s important to remember that dark colors absorb light and convert it to heat, whereas white colors have the opposite effect. We are all trying to save energy nowadays. If your kitchen is a little shy on windows, perhaps you should steer away from dark worktops when matching countertops with cabinets. Of course, if you have light streaming in from picture windows, that’s another matter.

Your choice of artificial lighting has a bearing on the matter too. If you fancy subtle lighting and mood music in your kitchen after dark, you may prefer darker wood tops with your accessories glittering under mini led’s set in the ceiling. The more we go into this, the more we discover we should not make a rash showroom decision.

Be Visual and Shop Around in Your Mind

Our advice is, don’t be afraid to play with your imagination. Find ideas on the internet to broaden your vision. Ask for samples from kitchen stores. Take them home and play with them amidst your favorite things. There is no single solution for matching countertops with cabinets. Follow the flow of your thoughts. It is your kitchen and you are, after all the boss.

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