2018 Kitchen Remodel Trends

When asked to describe your kitchen design style, how would you respond? Perhaps you are already working with a designer to create a new kitchen, which makes it important to be able to explain what you are looking for. We have pulled together some of the most popular design styles topping the charts as we march towards kitchen trends 2018. Once you see what you are drawn to – clean lines vs intricate details – you should be better able to discuss the options with your kitchen designer with confidence.

Transitional Thinking

Transitional combines elements from both traditional and modern or contemporary design. It is a combination of natural textures and fabricated finishes. Harnessing the building blocks of design – color, pattern, texture, and composition – it makes for a cohesive space. The result could be decorative, historic detail right alongside streamlined, sleek metal pieces. It ought to be stylish in addition to being pleasing and inviting.

Modern, Contemporary Kitchen Design

Clean, crisp and uncomplicated are words that pop into mind when describing the contemporary or modern design. The use of beautiful stainless steel alongside uncluttered tempered glass tops makes an awesome ‘wow’ statement. Modern or contemporary are of course interchangeable, but there are subtle differences – please revert to your kitchen design team for more information.

Kitchens Should Embrace Other Rooms

Using 2018 vision, kitchens opening to the rest of the home is about to happen. Away with walls and doors is the new thinking. This concept of space reorganization offers the option of encouraging social interaction while preparing creative meals. Open kitchens are rapidly gaining ground in our homes in a move away from the isolated “Cinderella kitchens” of the past and at the back of the home. In the year ahead, dining tables and chairs could move into the kitchen space to make it the focus of the home.

Trending – Dark Steel Appliances

Dark steel appliances are taking over in our kitchens and it is not a novelty but rather a reality. It is a logical move as we see stainless steel take on an attractive new look with a dark steel makeover. This compliments the black and gray color themes now so popular in kitchen design.

Smart Storage Kitchen Cabinets and Clutter-Free Tops.

Savvy homeowners will focus on more customized storage solutions in their kitchens in 2018. The move is towards pull out waste or recycling cabinets, while Bacchus devotees are upgrading their wine storage with the addition of a wine and bar cabinet. Clutter-free tops are the way forward in terms of kitchen trends 2018.

Out With Granite In With Quartz

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, quartz has replaced the granite look for kitchen tops. It is the best seller on the market right now, because it is fresh, durable, and offers incredible finish options too.

Signing Off

We hope this article proved useful as you plan your kitchen remodel makeover. One sage piece of advice is to visit expos in your area. Remember to complete your online research thoroughly; you are bound to find the answers to your kitchen trends 2018 questions. Imagine the result in the space that brings your home together – your much-loved kitchen to be!

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