Creating the Ultimate Abode: Kitchen Island Plans

Kitchen Island Plans

Everything starts with the kitchen. It’s where we prepare meals and share them with our family and friends. Although home design trends come and go, few have been so long lasting as having a kitchen island. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider installing one in your house.

Before You Call the Carpenter

Kitchen island plans help you maximize the potential of even smaller kitchens. That said, there is a minimum size for where they should be considered. If you are in the small galley of a boat, it is not going to be the best idea. However, the average kitchen size is large enough to host an island just do a quick measurement to be sure.

Increase Counter Space

Even if your idea of home cooking is heating up some frozen food in the microwave, there is no such thing as too much counter space. It is where we prepare and stores things and as any home chef knows, the more you have, the better. It helps give you a place for your ingredients, dirty dishes and finished entrees so you can be ready to be the host with the most.

For Your Appliances

With more counter space, you have more space to put your appliances and store them accordingly. Things like microwaves, toasters, stovetops, coffeemakers and so on all take up a decent amount of space. By the time you actually get out the cutting board, you might be working in a small corner pressed up against the wall. With a kitchen island, you can spread these things out better.

Increase Your Storage

On that note, an island opens your storage potential. There are so many designs out there. You can have standard shelves or drawers or go for a wine rack and mini-refrigerator so you can store your beverages one place and food in another. Kitchen islands open your kitchen up for you to make the most out of it.

Entertain Better

Kitchen islands create a place for guests to gather. The days of the host disappearing into the kitchen are long over. Instead, people want to hang out and be a part of their own cooking show. This is why open design plans have become so popular nowadays.

With an island, you can have seating along with some barstools so the party can continue as you finish prepping the food. Likewise, they are an ideal place for you to take a break when you have those few minutes where you need to keep an eye on the food but don’t necessarily need to do any more cooking.

Create Your Perfect Kitchen

There are so many great kitchen island plans out there. You have the opportunity to customize them to truly fit your style and can design them from the ground up to include whatever appliances, sizes, and designs to best fit your needs. So get the most out of your kitchen and find your perfect match today!

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