Incorporating Appliances into Your Kitchen Design

When it comes to kitchen design, practicality takes precedence over aesthetics, although the latter shouldn’t be entirely ignored. In complete contrast to the yesteryear when kitchens were used exclusively for cooking, today’s kitchens have evolved to become a central spot, often sharing immediate space with the dining room or family room. However, with the central purpose of the kitchen being food preparation, the space should be comfortable enough to allow for an easy workflow without being too cramped.

As such, the positioning of your appliances is a crucial part of your kitchen design. Besides the cooking range and the refrigerator, most kitchens are also equipped with an oven, dishwasher, and sometimes, even a coffee station or a wine cooler. So, how can we decide the ideal placements for all these appliances without turning the space into an overcrowded space?

1. The Kitchen Work Triangle

The “kitchen work triangle” is a term that has been around since the ‘40s, and refers to the ideal space between the three central parts of a kitchen: the cooking range, the sink and the refrigerator. Although this rule was originally developed for smaller kitchens and larger appliances – as was the case in the 1940s – this rule still applies today in most cases. According to the triangle rule, the distance between the three main regions should be no less than 4 feet and not more than 9 feet, and the total length of the sides of the triangle should be between 13 feet and 26 feet. In applying the triangle to your design, you can easily access your fridge to get food from the range and also be in easy distance of the kitchen sink. With this layout, you can also position the dishwasher right next to the sink.

2. Ease of Movement within the Space

When you’re cooking or cleaning, you ideally don’t want to be tripping on any open appliances, furniture or people. You want to be able to move freely from your fridge to the range or oven, and finally to the sink to do the washing up. If you have enough space, consider installing a smaller refrigerator for snacks and beverages, so that your family can access it without getting in your way.

3. Open Doors and Drawers

Your kitchen space should allow you to leave drawers and doors – such as that of your dishwasher or refrigerator – open without anyone tripping or running into them. You should be able to transfer food from an open oven to a resting surface or leave your dishwasher open when you’re putting dishes into the washer.

4. Size and Necessity

While you might want to own a large refrigerator or an oven with all the latest bells and whistles, space constraints might not really allow for that in your kitchen. Will they fit easily into the current design of your kitchen? Will you need to redesign or rearrange your kitchen space to accommodate the appliance? Likewise, even if you do have the space, you might also want to consider the necessity of owning those appliances. How big is your family or how many people live with you? Do you entertain a lot? Is most of your time spent inside or outside the house? If you’re replacing an appliance, sit down and make a list of the practicalities and changes you’ll have to make to your space, and choose an appliance size that can work well with those constraints.

5. Smaller Appliances

Once your dishwasher, oven and refrigerator are in place, what about the others like the coffee maker, stand mixer, toaster oven, etc.? You’ll need to ensure that all these appliances can be stored safely or are easily accessible without interfering with your working space. Consider having a separate station for your coffee-maker and toaster, and a pop-up shelf for your stand-mixer.

Your kitchen is primarily a functional space, and therefore, its layout needs to be designed carefully while taking your appliances into consideration.

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