Elements of a Family Friendly Kitchen

With the kitchen space being the hub of home activity, it’s important to design a kitchen that accommodates all members of the household. But, what exactly constitutes a family friendly kitchen? Is it about baby proofing your cabinets and countertops, or is it about granting your children access to those hard to reach spaces? The answer is, it depends.

What Makes a Family Friendly Kitchen?

A family friendly kitchen is one that supports the lifestyles of all members of the family; one that makes it easy to get what you need, and keep others away from what they don’t. Keeping your kitchen clean and organized is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to keep your kitchen safe. Make sure that your kitchen is well lit, well kept and that all appliances and fixtures are well maintained.

Observe your family’s habits and routines, and keep these factors in mind when deciding on the layout of your kitchen design. You may have children who like to do their homework at the dinner table, in which case you may think about an open floor plan, where communicating and cooking are both an option. Or, you have dog that likes to walk under your feet while your make breakfast in the morning. Your kitchen space should be unique to you and your lifestyle.

Keeping Your Kitchen Safe

Quick Cleanups: It’s easy to disregard tiny splashes and spills while prepping a meal for the family. But, any small puddle or spill creates a hazard for you and your family. Take care of messes as soon as they happen. It will prevent small messes from adding up, and it will prevent any unnecessary accidents.

Sanitize: Kitchens, of all places, are prone to collecting bacteria. From your sink, to your counter to your trashcan, bacteria linger and you don’t want them on your food. Wiping down surfaces with safe cleaning products can keep your children and your family safe from harmful chemicals, and bacteria.

Children and Pets: There can be a lot going on in the kitchen. Sharp knives, boiling water and hot cookware are just some of the potential hazards of running a busy kitchen. During busy moments, you may want to consider designating a space for small children and pets. Even a family friendly kitchen is not a place for play, and keeping your little ones away from the action is less hazardous for everyone.

Beyond the Safety

Beyond the safety aspect, a family friendly kitchen truly just depends on your preferences, your needs and your routine. If you’re someone who is lucky enough to redesign the whole kitchen from top to bottom, the sky’s the limit. But, even if it’s not in the budget right now for a full renovation remodel, anyone can keep clean and organized to maximize the efficiency of their kitchen while keeping it accident free.

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