7 Tips for Designing a Small Kitchen

Any kitchen that is less than 150 square feet in area is deemed a small kitchen by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. However, the modern kitchen is no longer a space that is designated exclusively for cooking; it has evolved to become the heart of the home: a space for family and friends to gather for a chinwag or two, a space to store your utilities and even a space to showcase your personality through its décor and design. But, can the limited space in a small kitchen lend itself to all these? The simple answer: yes, and then some more, if you plan it right.

Here are 7 tips on how to organize the design of your small kitchen to maximize its usage:

1. Try an Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan where the kitchen seamlessly flows into the living room can make your space appear bigger and is therefore popular in small home designs. You can differentiate the space using different colored walls or flooring, grouping your furniture or even by using different lighting.

Open Floor

2. Choose A Light Color Palette

Choose a light color palette for your kitchen counter-tops and cabinets, like whites or pastels which pull and reflect the natural light streaming into the room, thereby making the room feel larger and airier. To further maximize the use of natural light, use glossy, mirror-like finishes for your cabinets.

Kitchen Trend

3. Maximizing the Use of Kitchen Island

No matter the size of your space, the kitchen island add more function to your kitchen in the following ways:

  • Makes for additional counter space
  • Doubles as an eating surface
  • Provides extra storage space

The key consideration for your kitchen island should be that it doesn’t interrupt the free flow within the area. There are multiple types of kitchen islands you can opt for such as:

  • Movable Islands: If your kitchen space doesn’t allow for a fixed island, you can opt for a movable or rolling island with flexible seating.
  • Floating Islands: These are popular in open floor designs, and can double as a separator between the living room and kitchen.
  • Storable Islands: You can design an extra cabinet piece that can slide or roll out to double as a working or counter space.

Island Kitchen

4. Focusing on the Backsplash

A good design principle for any room is to have a focal point: a point that automatically draws your attention. With small kitchens, however, you can make the entire space serve as a focal point by using an uninterrupted backsplash design that blends with the overall color palette. This will make your kitchen feel like one complete unit.

Design kitchen

5. Choosing the Right Lighting

A good kitchen design includes the right combination of ambient and task lighting, making the space functional no matter the time of the day. Picture or bay windows, or skylights can maximize the natural light during the daytime. Pendant lighting and ceiling lighting over countertops can provide the necessary combination of ambient and task lighting at night.

6. Get Creative with Storage

Storage is just one way to get creative. Start with pantry-high cabinets to eliminate the need for smaller cabinets on the bottom. Avoid cabinets that swing out; instead, opt for pull out or tilt-out doors to eliminate the extra swing space. Opt for glass-front cabinets or light-colored cabinets or for open shelves which makes the space appear bigger.

7. Small and Sleek Appliances

You can achieve the same efficiency afforded by large kitchens with smaller, sleeker appliances that can easily fit into your kitchen design. You should also consolidate the space by storing your appliances intelligently. For instance, keep your stovetop and oven in the same area to save counter space. Have a space built into the cabinetry for your stand mixer, microwave, and toaster ovens to maximize your working space.

With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can turn your small kitchen into a statement of efficiency and comfort.

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