5 Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

If you plan to remodel the ‘food production room’ in your home, then choosing your kitchen cabinets is probably going to be part of the plan. Not surprisingly, kitchen cabinetry is up for scrutiny in terms of the modernization tsunami changing home décor trends in recent times.

Modern cabinets are breaking away from the ornate design found in traditional cabinet styling, rather reflecting minimal trends such as simple, clean design features. Streamlining and modernizing kitchen cabinetry works in tandem with other kitchen furnishings such as new-age countertops and complimentary backsplashes.

Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

This article looks at the designs trending in terms of modern kitchen cabinets. Gone are the days when kitchen cabinets were simply convenient storage areas. Today’s kitchens are unique works of art, with cabinetry providing the wow factor that is bound to impress everyone invited to the new space. Here are the five most followed trends with kitchen cabinet design in the kitchens of the future:

  1. Color Co-Ordination – The cookie-cutter fad of kitchen designs is definitely out. Discerning homeowners want to see a character building creation that makes a bold statement, and the color is one way of achieving this. Kitchen cabinetry manufacturers have teamed up with paint companies with the intention of providing unlimited options for inspiring color combinations for your kitchen cabinets. Neutral colors are big right now, with tones like light greens, and grey rising up the popularity charts.
  2. Transitional Styling All the Rage – Transitional styling for kitchen cabinetry has been with us for some time and is likely to remain popular heading towards 2020. White marble countertops contrasting with black or dark stainless steel hardware creates a stunning visual effect.
  3. Aesthetically Pleasing – Kitchen cabinets are breaking free from the ornate designs found in traditional cabinet styling. The move is towards minimalism and takes the form of clean, simple design features. Uncluttered countertops fit nicely too. Modernizing kitchen cabinetry presents well with the other kitchen furnishings surrounding it. The whole plan has come together!
  4. Finishing Touches – Kitchen remodeling today is open-ended when it comes to the cabinet and door colors, and finishing techniques. Anything goes, and your kitchen design team will be right up to date with the options and what trends right now. This calls for bold, imaginative thinking.
  5. Cabinets and Technology – It seemed a sure bet that technology would find its way into kitchen remodeling, after all, what else in the home has escaped technological advances. Just as we are inseparable from gadgetry around the home, kitchen cabinet design has evolved to meet our needs. At the entry level, modern cabinetry ought to provide a charging station for your range of mobile devices. The chances are your dream kitchen is going to prove a popular meeting, eating and working space.

Working in Unison

Our kitchens are no longer the ‘Orphan Annie’s” of our homes. This space now integrates with the rest of the home, and beautifully remodeled kitchens now serve as the main meeting space for our friends and families. You can even have wireless built into the kitchen cabinetry to power up all manner of gadgetry. It all goes to prove that kitchen cabinet design trends are moving in line with advances in technology, and why not – kitchens are the hearts of our homes.

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