Kitchen Cabinet Accent Style Guide: Knobs, Pulls & Handles

Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. Why? Because these are the two areas people easily see the quality of superior design. Buyers aren’t the only ones who follow this rule. Every visitor to your home is silently grading your space and judging your aesthetic. Fortunately, there’s a great way to update your look if it’s been awhile between remodels. Upgrading your cabinet accents is affordable, easy, and will impress even your most critical guests.

Are You Ready for a Cabinet Accent Facelift?

Nothing says dated like drawer pulls or handles in the wrong finish and shape for the times. Even attached to the most modern cabinets available, if your cabinet accents aren’t up to snuff, your entire kitchen looks old.

Trends come, go, and then sometimes make a comeback. Waiting for the hottest hardware of the nineties to reemerge on the pages of your favorite kitchen design site will leave you with an eyesore no one wants to see. Grab a screwdriver and throw those mauve seashells in a box. You deserve an upgrade.

Popular Choices Available in Multiple Finishes

Cabinet accent design is only limited by the manufacturer’s imagination. Despite the wide variety of styles available, a few seem to rise to the top year after year.

  • Window Sash Pulls: These heavy pulls with an industrial feel are great for substantial cabinetry built to classic dimensions.
  • Back Plate Knobs: A simple knob backed by an ornamental backplate will set your cabinetry apart and give you a blank canvas for added design.
  • Bin Pulls: Based on the flour bin accessories of old, these inverted cups lend an air of charm to any kitchen.
  • Bar Pulls: Sleek and elegant in any finish, the long clean lines of the classic bar pull give the cabinetry they accent a touch of drama and class.

Choosing the Right Cabinet Accents for Your Space

Choosing cabinet accents should be fun. You get to browse beautiful showrooms and dream of the perfect home. Don’t let the number of possible choices make you overwhelmed or frustrated. Stick to choosing pieces that fit your décor in the following three areas and you will be on your way to a style redesign.

  • Finish: Look around your kitchen or bathroom. See all the metal components? Your cabinet hardware should take a clue from what already lives in the space. For example, if your sink faucet is chrome, that is a cue for the rest of the design.
  • Size: Cabinet accents are functional. You have them for a reason and they need to perform. So, handles and knobs should be large enough to be used comfortably. The scale is important. Let the shape of your cabinetry guide your selection and you will find the perfect fit.
  • Design Compatibility: Look to other bold design elements in your space to lead you to the perfect cabinet accent choices. From selecting the perfect colors on your kitchen walls to the rustic design of your exhaust hood, you are making choices that need to work together on one unified concept.

If you think you need new cabinet accents, you probably do. The good news is this is an easy and affordable change to make. So, don’t wait to improve your most important spaces. Upgrade now and enjoy the look of admiration on your next visitor’s face.

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