8 Secrets for an Organized Kitchen

Whether you subscribe to the open cabinet trend or not, keeping an organized kitchen is useful for much more than aesthetic purposes. Running a seamlessly functioning kitchen has everything to do with being organized. In the words of Kurt Vonnegut, “The triumph of anything is a matter of organization.”

#1 Start From Scratch

Empty out all your cabinets, drawers, everything. The best organizational methods begin from the ground up. Discard or donate items not frequently used, duplicates (or marry containers if food items like spices)… be absolutely ruthless. Kitchens are always short on space, all the more reason to only keep items you use and love.

#2 Group Like Items

Doesn’t it make sense to have all your baking items in one place? That way you’re not rifling through random cabinets looking for the baking powder, that should’ve been right there! Think special occasion and entertainment goods and dishes, holiday cutlery, baking items, regularly used cooking items. Have dedicated spaces for dedicated kitchen activities.

#3 Organize for Functionality

Keep the essential items close at hand. Try to imagine yourself in all the usual situations and occasions you find yourself preparing food, including holidays…where would you ideally want these items?

#4 Make Use of Vertical Space

kitchen cabinet racks

We don’t just mean kitchen cabinet racks. Think hanging tools on the back of doors with hooks, using overhead space, get creative.

#5 Use Lazy Susans

Rotating trays

Rotating trays in the kitchen are extremely useful. Don’t just use them for spices, think vitamins, medication, beverages in your fridge, that way nothing hides or ever spoils.

#6 Divide and Conquer

Drawer dividers

Drawer dividers help keep things organized visually and allow you to store multiple use things in one place. No more poking yourself rifling through assorted knives looking for chopsticks.

#7 Use Clear Containers and Label Everything

Because you never want to mistake sugar for salt…

#8 Use Bins to Corral Smaller Items

Think bags of chips, bags of powdered goods, snacks, etc. Keep loose things gathered together for easier access.

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