The Pros and Cons of Closed Kitchen Floor Plans

For quite sometime we’ve been all fans of the open concept kitchen and as we watch House Hunters and every other HGTV show we see buyers and sellers jump around when they found the house with the big kitchen of their dreams.

Their dream kitchen is supposed to be airy, have plenty of space for cooking, prepping and entertaining. It has to host the kids, the grandma and all the pets.

I grew up in a house with a closed kitchen that was just big enough to fit a 6-piece dining room set for my family. We had all of our meals there. The kitchen was a separate room in the house, closed off from the living room. We could easily go from the kitchen table to the living room area comfortably. Today, my mother would have complained about her kitchen being too small, but in my opinion it worked our family.

Now that the closed kitchen is making a comeback and more designers are leaning towards this layout, it brings up memories of my childhood and how cozy and quaint the meal times were. Not to say that a big open kitchen floorplan takes all that away, as a matter of fact, a closed kitchen does have its pros and cons.

The Benefits of a Closed Kitchen

Less Space to Clean

Unless you have a cleaning lady coming in every week, the bigger your house is, the more surface area you will have to clean, including the kitchen. The bigger it is, the more time you’ll spend cleaning up the added space. We tend to want to utilize all the space available and at least for me, I manage to cover every surface there is with stuff. So when it comes the time to clean up, the less the better. If you’re especially pressed for time, you can always clean the rest of your house and hide the mess in the kitchen. Most guests have no reason to venture into the kitchen if you don’t invite them.

More Efficiency

Closed kitchen floor plans require you to get creative about your storage options. The less space you have, the more effort you will have to take in reducing clutter and unnecessary items. When we have a lot of storage space we are tempted to fill the empty space, but having less might (hopefully) encourage us to better think about our buying habits and storing choices.

Less Wasted Space

A big spacious kitchen might be good for the kids to run around in, but unless you’re going to have daily morning workout routines in your kitchen, a lot of space can go unused that could’ve been added on to a more deserving room in your home. Think of the possibilities!

The Drawbacks of a Closed Kitchen

Less Space to Entertain

Many people enjoy hosting people for dinner and drinks or other events that involve eating and drinking. An open kitchen floor plan gives the host the benefit of remaining included in the group activities and not locked away toiling over a hot stove.

Less Dining Room Options

Depending on the layout and square footage available, the kitchen could become just a place to cook with no room for a table, which means you might end up running back and forth between the kitchen to serve dishes and beverages.

Isolated from the Rest of the Home

An enclosed kitchen area might not be the safest bet if you have little ones running around. Being in one room while your children are in another can be dangerous, but you sure don’t want the kids near the sharp objects and hot flames present in a kitchen.

When you’re house hunting or thinking about remodeling your kitchen, your dream kitchen depends entirely on your personal taste, your short and long term needs, and what the market has to offer. Make a list of your own pros and cons of having a closed kitchen and talk to your real estate broker or your contractor about the possibilities!

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