6 Tips For Planning Your Kitchen Remodel Timeline

Planning a kitchen remodel is stressful, but the key to less stress is organization. One design does not fit all, and all kitchens have their own unique features and challenges. Like any major project around your home, a good place to start is with a kitchen remodel timeline. Quality Kitchen Cabinets in San Francisco offers these 6 tips for planning your kitchen remodel.

Perhaps you are working with a contractor, designer, or an architect, in which case they should draw up the necessary kitchen remodel plans and project activities schedule. A properly drawn up kitchen remodel timeline not only serves as a checklist for the work done, it also indicates the correct sequence of events in the overall plan from start to finish. This helps identify interdependencies along the critical path, and highlights potential bottlenecks along the way.

Kitchen Remodel Tip #1

Build an “idea book” that will act as your inspiration board to guide the whole project. Pinterest is a helpful tool for pinning and organizing your ideas and inspiration for kitchen components. Save your ideas for different project components, including appliances, backsplashes, cabinets, countertops, faucets, flooring, hardware, islands, kitchen design, kitchen style, lighting, sinks, and paint colors. In fact, include anything that you consider material for your kitchen remodel project. The more images you see, the more your vision will take shape and solidify.

Source interesting articles from your favorite social media platform. Take digital photos when you visit shops, expos, and showrooms. Organize your thoughts clearly so everyone working with you has a good frame of reference to keep in mind.

Kitchen Remodel Tip #2

Set a tentative budget for your project so you know what you can afford when planning a kitchen renovation. Kitchen companies will help you establish a general rule of thumb in terms of average remodel costs in a particular area. Remember that budgets are indicators of financial expenditure to control costs. While it is always possible to juggle them, do know what you are in for when it comes to payment time!

Kitchen Remodel Tip #3

Selecting a preferred layout plan is the third step in scheduling for your kitchen remodel timeline, so it all comes together perfectly when everything is in place. Do you have room for a central island, are you going to have a breakfast nook, etc. Take accurate measurements of everything – the space, the fixtures, the appliances – so when it comes time to cut and install, things are where they should be.

Kitchen Remodel Tip #4

et the most important goals for your kitchen renovation. Are you planning to stay for a while or are you renovating to sell? If you’re choosing to stay and invest, what design features are posing a problem? Why are you remodeling in the first place? Let us not repeat the same mistakes!

Kitchen Remodel Tip #5

Set a deadline for the kitchen remodel. If you have something pressing coming up like a key birthday in the family, it could be wise to delay your new kitchen until later. If it is a wedding anniversary or retirement gift, you already have a set deadline!

Kitchen Remodel Tip #6

Find kitchen designers you can work with. Create a list of kitchen modelers active in your area and rank them. Criteria to use are previous projects, BBB ratings, reviews by past clients, comments on the social media and membership of The National Association of the Remodeling Industry. What about installation? Whom do you use? If contracting your kitchen remodel timeline, are subcontractors involved?

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