10 Galley Kitchen Designs that Work

What is making you lean towards a galley kitchen design? Is it the lack of space in your layout? Is it the convenience and safety a galley kitchen can offer for those who cook a lot? Whichever the case may be, make sure you check out these 10 galley kitchen designs that work and that will make your kitchen spread design a breeze to navigate!

Galley Kitchen Designs for Small Spaces

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KeepAdding seating to the other side of the counter

This is a great way to save space in the kitchen if you don’t have enough square footage to do a full dining or breakfast area.

Adding storage up high

Use all the height and length of your wall space to create more working and walking areas. Cabinetry with no handles are in right now and they create the illusion of a bigger space. For pots and pans you can do a hanging chandelier to save space on the ground.

Making it one way only

To make it safer for kids running around you can close off your kitchen so that it’s just one way, and use the wall in the end to add storage.

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Use the walls

Add shelving units, storage, and floating shelves to take advantage of all the space.

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Create a breakfast nook

kitchen 6

If you don’t count with extra space behind or a separate room for dining, many galley kitchen designs feature an eating peninsula or a breakfast nook at the end of layout.

Keep it simple

If you don’t have much space, don’t clutter it with useless things. Purge once each season and ask yourself if you truly need what you’re storing in your kitchen. Keep the essentials. Keep appliances out in the counter only if you use them every day but try to select only 3 to avoid the feeling of clutter. The less you have on the counters, the bigger and more open your kitchen will feel.

Go for white

Choosing white or a very light color also generates the illusion that the kitchen is big and spacious. Take advantage of natural light and choose a good lighting setu to enhance the openness.

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Galley Kitchen Designs that Take Advantage of the Space

You may want to consider a galley kitchen design even if you have enough square footage to make it spacious, and that might be due to several reasons: some cooks and chef like how convenient it is to have a close space between the fridge, sink and stove top (called the kitchen triangle), and how fast it is to navigate the space without spills and juggling different utensils. So if you want to have a galley kitchen design but you have the space, consider these ideas:

Adding an island on the opposite side of the galley

kitchen 1

Adding an island to enclose your galley kitchen design offers you the versatility of said layout but keeps the openness and spacious feel and adding storage and seating if so desired.

Adding seating on the opposite side of the galley

kitchen 2

If you have a big family or you like to entertain, you can make your space work for cooking and dining. Many like to be a part of the party while they cook for their guests so this is the best of both worlds.

Adding a rolling cart to your galley kitchen

kitchen 3

This will play as an island when needed, storage, and serving cart if you need to serve and move it to the eating area. It can also serve as an appetizer or drink table, toasting table, dessert table or and even to put presents if you’re hosting a birthday party or baby shower.

Make Your Galley Kitchen Design a Reality

Make a list of the space you count on, what your priorities are when creating a working space and what your dream kitchen looks like. Find inspiration and create a board, which will help you put your ideas into perspective and make them feel closer to a reality. Next, work your budget and take things off or add to the list.
Galley kitchen designs are not exclusive to tiny living. How it fits with your preference and lifestyle is the question you need to answer.

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