2017 Kitchen Designs: What’s Ins and What’s Out

Are you planning to revamp your kitchen and you want to be “in” on the kitchen trends for 2017? Are you wondering what kind of kitchen cabinets will be best for style-function, and return on investment?
Look no further, here we have the 2017 kitchen designs that will be in, and some that we will be seeing saying goodbye to.

In: Colored and Patterned Tiles

green kitchen

These are making their way in 2017 strong and they seem to be here to stay. However, be wary of choosing a color that’s personal because a lot of buyers might think it’s not their style. Think colors that go with a location theme, like coastal if you live close to the beach or cabin style for the mountains. But going colonial in a modern environment could prove challenging for your return of investment. If you are not sure, go neutral and have fun adding decor pieces.

Colorful kitchens are not for the faint of heart. But if it’s your desire, why think neutral is best?

In: Retro Look

kitchen design 2017

Exposed brick and piping, copper accents, old fashion ovens and colorful cabinets are making their way into a year that will be exploding in colors and textures. And don’t worry, you can always repaint your cabinets to change it up every once in awhile.

In: Soft or Warm Color Scheme. Out: Cold

wood chair

We mentioned copper accents before, and this seems to a trend in kitchen designs this year, giving your space a subtle look over the sleeker and glossier accent that was in last year. This doesn’t mean you have to replace door and cabinets knobs or light fixtures (if you want to , by all means). You can add pieces here and there that will warm up your decor, like a vase, a copper kettle, some hanging pots and pans hanging, etc.

With the warmer accents come the warmer choices for furniture, tiles, paint and carpet. Think of a beautiful sunset. Nothing like waking up in the morning and pouring a cup of coffee in a warm, cozy and quaint environment.

What Are Your Favorite Kitchen Designs?

2017 does not exactly bring earth shattering changes in the realm of kitchen designs. As is true for fashion or hairstyles, trends come and go. Some are short lived, some are staying for so long they become classics. When you plan your kitchen remodel, take the time to consider your options: what works for you and your family, what fits with your style and preference. You may like a particular style of kitchen cabinets on display in a showroom. Then, pause for a moment and think of living with it. If you have doubts, it’s probably not the right choice.

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